A-line wedding dress: How will you wear yours?

The A-line wedding dress is by far the most popular style chosen by brides to grace on their wedding day. Read on to find out why this may be just the style for you.

The versatility of this cut derives mainly from the flattering style which suits pretty much any shape, size or height. Coupled with the potential to be made in any fabric and with pretty much any type of detailing, the possible combinations for you are endless.

Let’s start with the basics. This cut is called an A-line simply due to the skirt being narrow at the waist and widening towards the hem, just like the letter A. This shape creates a sense of balance between the top and bottom halves of your body. So depending on your specific shape, it is capable of covering any extra lumps or bumps that you may carry, accentuate your perfect hourglass shape or give you some extra curves to play with.

It all depends on the vision you have for your wedding and the persona you would like to portray on the day. However, even though the A-line is so complimentary to all figures, you still need to be aware that not all A-lines will suit every person.

Drama Queen: The Ballgown

You want to steal the show, and why not. It’s your show after all. Create a jaw dropping entrance that will leave your soon-to-be hubby and guests a sight to remember with a full ball gown. The sheer size of the skirt coupled with a tight fitting bodice will generate a lot of attention. Jillian’s 94823 is a statement maker with the intricate lace detailing on the bodice complimented with lace scalloping along the edge of the voluminous tulle skirt. You can view our all ivory sample in store or if you want to add even more drama, think about getting the lace in gold (as seen in the picture) to make it stand out.

If you are particularly petite you may want to avoid a huge skirt with a drop waist. It will effectively make your legs look even shorter than they already are and you may just look like you’re standing in a giant cupcake. Instead opt for a slightly narrower skirt with a higher waistline. This will elongate your legs and make you look less wide.

A Line Wedding Dress

Goldilocks: The Perfect A-line

PleYou want the timeless look where in 20 years time when you look back on your photos your look will still be as classically radiant as ever. Going for a perfectly balanced A-line that is not too big and not too small will help you achieve this. Choose a soft fabric like organza, tulle or chiffon for a more gentle and romantic appearance; tie in a sash around the waist to pronounce the smallness of your waist for a stunning finish.

The A shape can sometimes look a little blunt. Why not add a layered look to the skirt to soften and break up the harsh edges like Jillian’s 9016 chosen by our stunning bride Ple.

Glamorous Goddess: The Slender A-line  

So you’ve got a fabulously toned body that you don’t want hidden under layers of fabric but at the same time the mermaid shape isn’t quite what you’re after. Go for an A-line that hugs the top of your hips but tapers out into a narrower A shape. This will highlight that great figure whilst still maintaining a more dreamy aspect to the overall look.


This look is best kept away from if you have a rather large behind as it may emphasise the part that you are trying to hide, therefore the reason to go for an A-line dress will be void.

The styles as described above are just examples of some of the choices. Why not take a mixture of these ideas and blend them together for the perfect dress. Alisala has selected 9249 by Jillian for her wedding. This classic lace A-line has been merged with a ruffled organza train which pairs the elegant front with a really fun and flirty back detail.

Which combination will you choose for your wedding dress? Book an appointment to start playing with all the different possibilities in store with Misha now. If you have your own blend that you want for your day, our in-house designer can make that vision a reality.


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