Buying or Renting your Wedding Dress: The Great Debate

Buying Or Renting A Wedding DressShould you be buying or renting your wedding dress is the question that many brides ask before they start to choose and with the (what seems like) thousands of rental shops in Bangkok, you would have thought the answer was a bit obvious? Read through our guide of the pros and cons of both options and decide for yourself.

If you rent, is your money well spent?

Renting a dress is a relatively simple option. If you have little time to arrange for a dress then you could potentially pick one up from the many shops that can provide this service almost instantly. You also won’t have to worry about keeping a dress that you cannot wear again (can you?). And it is considered that you will be left with some change in your purse.

But before you run off to your local rental shop to pick your dress, just be aware of a few things that they don’t tell you in their sales pitch. To rent a dress a relatively large deposit is required – so to begin with you have to pay about the same amount (or more) as you would for a dress that you can buy and keep. But it’s not so bad if you can retrieve your deposit at the end of the rental period. The rental dress will have to be returned as good as new or else you will lose that hefty deposit. So for your wedding you will need to be extremely careful at all times. Want to drink some of that amazing red wine that you carefully selected at a tasting session? We would think again. Also, watch where you walk or stand or even sit for that matter. Any scuff marks or snags on the delicate bridal fabrics and you can kiss your deposit good bye. Not to mention you will feel so uptight about anything happening to the dress for your entire wedding day, which is the complete opposite of how you should be feeling on the best day of your life.

If that doesn’t bother you then you are one chilled out chick. But will you still be chilled out when you are walking down the aisle towards your hubby-to-be and see a mortified face rather than one filled with joy? You look down and realise that your dress has slipped and is showing more than you care to reveal. We doubt it. We doubt it very much. That’s right! You cannot make alterations on a rental dress to make it caress your body shape perfectly like you would if it were your very own.

So once you have returned your dress after a few hours of wear all you will have to show for it are your pictures.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

Buying your dress is by no means the ‘easier option’. A lot of time goes into finding the perfect dress and then waiting for it to be made. If you lack patience then it might not be the best option for you, although there are now many places that can offer you a dress off the peg. At Aunchalee we generally have all the dresses made for each order, but if you are in a rush we either offer you an express service or we can let you select a dress from in store that you can have straight away.

One of the most popular reasons to rent is to save a bit of cash. There is a common misconception that buying your wedding dress will cost an arm and a leg and possibly some vital organs too. But if you actually look into the prospect of buying a dress you will find a very different reality. There are amazing dresses that you can BUY for a very similar price to renting a dress. You will find that the quality can be just as good if not better than a rental dress plus you actually have a keepsake after your wedding is over. We have met married girls who opted for a rental dress for their wedding and they have said that they wished they just bought their wedding dress when they had the chance. You only have one shot at this, do not live in regret!

If you want something unique to you, then owning your dress will give you the ability to have it fitted. You can add lace sleeves, or take away crystals and modify it in any way you want to suit you and your personality perfectly. That way you know for certain that no other bride has the same dress as you. If you rent your dress, the chances are ten brides have worn it previously and another ten will wear it after you. Better hope you don’t have the same guests showing up to the wedding if that is the case.

Buy Or RentSome brides have chosen not to buy their dress simply because they don’t know what to do with it afterwards. Some like to keep the dress as a memento of their wedding and potentially pass it on to their daughter or other female members of the family in the future, just like Aunchalee’s Chinese wedding dress which is a family heirloom. If you have chosen a classic, timeless style then the chances are that it will still look amazing in 30 years time. Now as nice as an idea as that is, there is the chance that the dress will not be fashionable or suit the taste of your daughter. Your daughter may be a completely different size or shape and so the dress will not fit. Or maybe you’re destined to have a bunch of boys running around the house which completely voids that idea. So what then? How about using the dress for you?  You can take a part of your wedding outfit and re use it for many other occasions. AunchaleeAunchalee has already used the bottom half of her Thai wedding outfit for several events. Another option would be to take advantage of our after wedding service. Our team alongside our in house designer Yannick will be able to help you to customize your dress so that you can use the dress again for another occasion. It could be quite sentimental if you wore it for your first wedding anniversary or even for celebration of your first born child? Any leftover material can be used to make a special outfit for your child. The possibilities are endless; it just depends on how creative you want to be. Pictured is our lovely bride Joyce with her husband on their wedding day. She has come back to us after her wedding and had her dress transformed into a fabulous shorter dress. See how it no longer resembles a formal wedding dress but is still so classic and elegant.  We have some other brides who have started remodelling their dresses too and they’re looking amazing so far. Don’t worry we’ll let you have a peak at these at a later date.

Decision time: what would you do?

Now it’s up to you. It’s time for you to make a decision on which path you want to choose. There’s no right or wrong answer, just a preferred one. We’d love to hear your opinions on this. Please feel free to comment with your views.

If you want to get started on your tailor made dress, book an appointment with us today.

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