Chiffon wedding dress: is it right for a formal wedding?

The chiffon wedding dress is often associated with hippie chicks on a beach, but is this the only way to wear it? Read on to find out your options.

Chiffon worn the bohemian way

Chiffon worn the bohemian way For years, chiffon has been the go to fabric for brides wanting a more relaxed and informal wedding. You only have a handful of guests who are your nearest and dearest, and you want your wedding to be a very laid-back occasion. Fabric is the key factor in the overall look. Compared to satins and laces; which can look quite regal, chiffon really has a more casual appearance as the material has lots of movement for you to float about with. The cut of the dress itself is another deciding factor in this style. The skirt is usually quite slender shaped but often cut on the bias for maximum swishing power. The train is kept to a minimum to avoid being swamped by a mass of excess fabric with every turn you take and the overall appearance of the bodice has a less constructed look, with minimal support and a looser fit.  Paired with a cute flower garland entwined with braids in your hair; you’ll have the perfect folk-inspired look. But just because you would normally avoid satin for an informal wedding, doesn’t mean you need to avoid chiffon for a more formal wedding.

An evening wedding in chiffon

An evening wedding in chiffonChiffon is an unstructured fabric that doesn’t look like it could hold any particular shape. However it can be manipulated into different styles by the use of draping and ruching. For an evening wedding where you want a subtle hint of glamour you can go for a slender chiffon dress that skims your hips ever so slightly and drops to the floor finished by a ruched bodice that emphasises the waist. Add a hint of colour for a touch of Hollywood and you’re good to go. If you remember from a previous post, Nicki wore a fantastic blush coloured chiffon dress by our in-house brand, Aunchalee style Y1427 that had both ruching across the bodice and draping in the form of a delicate sleeve that dropped from the one shoulder detail.

For a formal wedding go for a bigger skirt

For a formal wedding go for a bigger skirtYou could say (as a very general rule of thumb) that the more structured the dress is and the bigger the skirt the more formal the event. At least it is in the case of Susie and Yui. Susie opted for this elegant one-shoulder dress for her wedding. Jillian’s style 9261 made a unique one shoulder strap by tightly twisting the chiffon up from the bodice. The bodice itself is ruched down to an asymmetrical point where it is finished with a slight waterfall drape and a brooch for an added bit of sparkle. From there the chiffon is given the freedom to flow into a longer train. Such a dress will be quite impractical at a wedding on the beach.

Chiffon wedding dress: is it right for a formal wedding?In our in-house designer, Yannick’s creations, here you can see Yui making her graceful walk down the aisle in a beautiful church setting. To make this dress more formal it has been incorporated with a lace bodice that has an amazing keyhole back detail. The chiffon in the dress is limited to the skirt but you can see the fabrics make a great collaboration. The skirt is a full A-line that kicks out from the waist. The fabric cascades down in a fluid motion into a long train that glides behind her effortlessly.

Chiffon is a versatile fabric that can be worn any way you choose, whether it be sweet and casual or sophisticated and formal. If you cannot find the perfect chiffon dress there’s no need to fear, our team at the Aunchalee Boutique will be here. Book yourself an appointment to see if chiffon is the fabric for your wedding. 

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