Coloured Wedding Dresses: Do I Have To Wear White At My Wedding?

Coloured Wedding DressesIn many traditions white is believed to be the colour to wear for your wedding day. Now in the 21st century, shouldn’t it be up to you to choose what to wear and time ? Read on to help you decide whether wearing a coloured wedding dress is right for you.

Traditional white weddings

The tradition of the white wedding dress doesn’t date back as far as you may think. The trend started when Queen Victoria wore a white dress for her wedding in 1840. Before that people generally chose to wear their best dress which could have been any colour. Heavy embroidery in silver coloured thread was often found on a range of different colour dresses such as red, blue and yellow. For practical reasons, darker colours were often worn by poorer families. White, being the least practical colour, was favoured by affluent families to show off their wealth. As cleaning techniques later became more efficient and fabrics more affordable; it became custom for brides to wear white.

More recently it has been believed, that white is a sign of purity and virginity. This belief was popularized by the church in the mid 20th century – these days there are less people following the tradition for this reason.

But tradition aside white can be quite a difficult colour to wear and is especially harsh on pale skin tones. White can easily wash you out and instead of making you look radiant on your wedding day, you may end up looking a little sickly. Even those that say they are having a white wedding are generally found to be having an ivory one. It doesn’t sound quite as nice though does it? As you walk into most bridal boutiques, you’ll find that those rows of dresses hung up on the rails are in fact ivory, not white.

The majority of brides do go for an ivory dress to wear for their big day. It’s not a colour you can easily wear for any other occasion so why not make the most of it and go all out for your wedding with it. You may also shock some members of the wedding party if you turn up in a forest inspired vibrant green dress, so to reduce the possibility of an elderly member of family from going into cardiac arrest it may be best to stick with tradition on this one. The big downfall with colour is that trends come and go quicker than you can say ‘I do’. At the time of choosing your dress colour it may look absolutely fabulous for that particular season but a couple of years down the line you may look back and wonder what on Earth you were thinking! Going for a classic ivory will prevent you from regretting not choosing a timeless colour in the future. Plus when you show your kids your pictures, they won’t think Mummy was a bit crazy back in the day.

What colour should I choose?

Wearing coloured wedding dresses is a sure way to make an entrance on your wedding day. It differs quite far from the norm so you are bound to get heads turning.

Vera Wang Burgundy DressIf you prefer to go with an unconventional option then choosing a bold colour is a good way to do it. Vera Wang has her phenomenal spring 2013 coloured dress collection which includes vivid reds and sultry burgundys. Perfect for any bride who wants an alternative to the traditional wedding dress with a personality that oozes confidence.

If you prefer a softer approach you may prefer our recently launched Jillian dress (see our launch 2013 post). The 95814 in a pastel lilac colour has a more gentle approach to using colour. The colour although pale is still noticeably different which catches people’s attention without screaming ‘look at me!’ We think this dress will look amazing for a garden wedding on a bright, summer’s day.

Torn between having a traditional ivory dress and something a little different? You can still have the best of both worlds. Go for an ivory based dress but add a hint of colour instead. Try a soft A-line lace dress and add a gold or bronze waisted sash or ribbon instead. Not only is this a great way to feature colour but it also accentuates a tiny waist by drawing your eye into that point.

SjompooOur stunning bride Sjompoo worked with our in-house designer Yannick to have a subtle silver dress made but with a dramatic silver/grey lace overlay. Doesn’t she look incredibly glamorous?

NicolaAnother one of our brides Nicola saw a chance to make one of our Aunchalee dresses unique to her alone. After trying on Y1427 in a cotton lace fabric she decided to that the cut and fit was fantastic but wanted something a little different. She had the dress made in a blush-coloured chiffon which looks amazing for her evening wedding.

It just goes to show you can personalise your wedding in so many ways. Whether you go traditional, subtle or really daring; there are so many different colours for you to choose from.

At Aunchalee we have dresses in a range of coloured wedding dresses for you to try out. If we don’t have the colour you want in store, you can bet we can source you the ideal shade for your wedding dress. 

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