Choosing The Perfect Bridal Shoes: Comfortable High Heels Designed By You

Our last post should have helped you decide what colour shoes to wear on your wedding day, but don’t think that’s the end of your bridal shoes decision just yet.

Have you ever bought pretty shoes that ended up leaving you with a burning sensation in the balls of your feet and a series of unsightly blisters? The answer is likely to be yes – don’t deny it, we’ve all gone out wanting to show off great looking shoes and just suffered through the unbearable pain! But do you really want to spend your wedding day, of all days, in agony?

Read on for tips on choosing pretty shoes that won’t kill your feet.

Comfortable shoes do not have to be ugly!

Choosing The Perfect Bridal ShoesComfortable shoes are often associated with looking like something only your grandmother would wear, but there are many ways in keeping your feet happy and looking fabulous at the same time.

Getting the perfect heel height along with the perfect look can be near impossible and you may have often thought that becoming a shoe designer would be the only solution to this problem. Well there is an amazing Australian company that can make your shoe dreams come true. allows you to design your very own shoes. You can choose the shape of the toe and back of the shoe, add details such as straps, bows and flowers and finish off with the perfect heel height, fabric and colour. They can even custom make shoes that are wider or narrower than standard shoes and can even make different sized shoes if you have one foot bigger than the other. Couldn’t get any better right? – well if they’re not quite what you expect or if you find a different pair that you like you have 365 days to return them. Go crazy designing your perfect unique bridal shoes. Here’s our attempt at some simple lace shoes with a splash of colour to match a teal colour scheme.

So designing isn’t really your thing? Leave the professionals to advise what will work but still keep a little creative control for yourself when it comes to fabric choices, colour and the little details that you know will tie in perfectly with your wedding. Sirena and Madame H can make shoes any way you want to get the best fit and style for you. Get them to add a platform on higher heels to reduce the angle in which your feet are at. By decreasing the gradient of your shoe you are effectively making your shoes extra comfortable without sacrificing the heel height. Remember you can order extra fabric that your dress is made from and have them make your shoes out of it. Choose a leather lining rather than a synthetic material so your shoes are able to stretch with your movements and are less likely to pinch. You’ll then have yourself a lovely designed shoe exclusive to you.

Book an appointment with Misha at Aunchalee Boutique to get some design inspiration from our dresses. After finding your perfect dress you will have hours of fun putting together your ideal bridal shoes. Feel free to share your design ideas with us on Facebook too, we would love to see what you can come up with!

High heels for the boys

Grooms ShoesNo, you haven’t read wrong – heels do exist for guys too. We’re not talking about a pair of strappy Jimmy Choo sandals but some discreet smart shoes. We often come across brides that want to wear skyscraper high shoes but don’t want to tower over their husbands so they end up having to settle for lower heeled shoes. Well girls, you may still be able to have those super high heels. There are now men’s shoes that have a concealed heel so they appear much taller even though the shoes do not look noticeably different from the exterior. These Don’s shoes can be bought in Terminal 21 at nVus on the Istanbul floor. They are made of leather inside and out with comfortable padding too to ease the boys into walking in heels.  It would probably be best to get the groom practising walking in them before the wedding day though!

Come and meet us this weekend for a little design inspiration! We will be showcasing our collection at the St. Regis Wedding Fair on Saturday 27th April & Sunday 28th April 2013.

Join us for an exclusive sneak peak at our new styles and along with some amazing promotions too. Can’t wait to see you there!  





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