Finding THE Short Wedding Dress

It was a shame I didn’t get to wear a short dress for my wedding. I have always thought I would wear one, but opted for the traditional Thai ‘Pah Tung’ instead handed down to me from my Eja (Aunt). Short gowns to me, or mid calf length in normal language was a sign of freedom………in movement.  55555

With the right combination of fabrication and craftmanship I believe you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for such a formal event.

Wearing a shirred A-line skirt means you can still run up a flight of stairs if you want to or kneel to serve tea to your elders during your Tea ceremony. My favourite, (the epitome of short dresses) is Christian Dior’s gowns like this one from 1950s (#1).  It is my favourite because the craftsmanship that goes into creating the dress is immaculate paired with a fabric that is understated but a pure luxury. It is a short gown that will turn heads, in the right way.

I am also very fond of Amsale’s ‘Little White Dress’ (#2) which offers a playful range of contemporary understated short gowns although some might not pull enough weight to be ‘the’ dress on a big night,

But a Marci would be perfect for a small wedding at the City Hall. Anthropologie’s BHLDN is my go-to value for money short gown label. Design, comfort and quality are not being sacrificed by price with the range starting from 13,000 baht such as ‘Whirlwind’ (#3)

My favourite BHLDN ‘Tulle Era’ short dress (#4) is line with a silk slip so at least you know your skin can breathe and you can avoid having sweat being trapped between you and the gown!! Argh.

How to find a short dress for different body types?

For those with thunder thighs you can consider a gown that cinches your waistline and then flairs (#5). This also works for those with large hips.

You can be kind to yourself and actually enjoy the food at your wedding without the fear of showing any bulge/flatulence you develop during the night with a dress with continuous drape (#6).

People with large upper arms are often mistaken that getting a sleeved dress will detract attention away from the arm however certain gowns with sleeves may draw even more attention to the arm rather than make it more subtle, I would recommend using an off shoulder top or a one sleeve top or even a bustier. The key is to choose a gown that will balance your proportion. If you have short legs go for a gown which joins at the natural waist or slightly higher. (#7)

And the best part for me at least, is that you can choose a funky pair of shoes. Think Yayoi Kasuma’s latest collaboration with Louis Vuitton and all the dots (#8)

Or Maison Martin Margiela’s ‘glass shoes’ redefining walking on thin air (#9)

Or even Chloe’s ballet flats in gold (#10)

One for the official photos and one for walking around the tens of round tables greeting your guests (yes, the Chinese tables) a Short Dress is something every Bride should consider for their Wedding. Plus you can comfort yourself that this purchase is not just one off, like many of your ‘big day’ purchases, you can reuse reuse reuse and reuse.

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