How To Accessorise Your Wedding Dress With Your Hair?

In a previous post we talked about the best way to choose the right jewellery to compliment your dress. But dressing yourself in trinkets isn’t the only way to accessorise your wedding dress. Have a look at some of our ideas to get you thinking about what you can do with your tresses.

Don’t overdo it!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. It is far too easy to go a little crazy when it comes to all wedding related styling. The same applies to your hair too. Before going overboard by putting everything you can possibly fit on top of your head, take a minute to think of your overall image.

How To Accessorise Your Wedding Dress With Your HairThe options to accompany your dress are plentiful and only restricted by the length of your hair.

Many people are afraid to chop off their locks as they think that short hair is boyish and hard to style. If anything it’s one of the easiest lengths to deal with and can look very feminine. Add a slight tousle to the hair to soften the shape and attach a lace decoration to one side like Susie and you have an effortless look that naturally frames the face. Go on…get those scissors snipping!

How To Accessorise Your Wedding Dress With Your Hair?With longer hair you have more options which can actually make it more difficult to choose the perfect style. It is best to get your dress sorted before you decide on your hair style. This is so that you can make sure your hair becomes a feature of your overall look. Take a fantastic low back dress or a dress that has a particularly amazing back detail. You want to make sure that all the time and effort you put into finding that aspect of the dress has been worthwhile by giving it as much airtime during the wedding as possible. If you wear  long hair down then that part of your dress can be easily missed and therefore unappreciated unless you can style it in a way that manages to emphasise the dress’ beauty. In this picture you can see typically straight Asian hair that has been styled into a loose up do. The braids soften the otherwise structured look creating a great balance between hair and dress.

How To Accessorise Your Wedding Dress With Your HairAccessorising your hair can be done with more than just sparkles and lace. A current popular choice is to use flowers. These will give a more organic appearance whether you go for silk and organza fake flowers or even actual fresh flowers. Entwine them within loose waves for a relaxed feel that still looks incredibly graceful. Soi has opted for a fresh orchid which looks stunning with her Jade dress.

Want to wear your hair down? Although the up do is particularly popular for weddings there is absolutely no reason not to let your hair down – quite literally. Add some tumbling waves and you’re good to go.

Don’t stick to one accessory

Can’t make your mind up? That’s not a problem as you are not bound to just one hair piece.How To Accessorise Your Wedding Dress With Your Hair

Change your accessory throughout the day like Joyce did. She went for a chic and simple bun with a birdcage veil for the ceremony which coupled with her dress gave a vintage look to her outfit. Later in the day for her reception she simply swapped the veil with a flower detail to complement her bridesmaids’ feather and flower decorations. Don’t you think Sky, Karen and Natalie look great with Joyce? All their fantastic hair accessories are handmade designs by Tete-a-porter BKK.

Your overall look can be transformed by a simple change of accessory and there are so many to choose from. Check out the collection by Tete-a-porter BKK in store and see what will go with your hair and dress choices.



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