How To Accessorise Your Wedding Dress: The Right Way To Choose Jewellery

Choosing jewellery to go with your wedding dress may seem easy at first, but if not done properly it can go terribly wrong. Don’t let your desire for a bit (or a lot) of bling get the better of you and take some advice on how to accessorise your wedding dress and select the best pieces for your particular look.

How NOT to wear jewellery

So you have a stunning full lace, crystal and pearl encrusted dress with a large bow detail around your waist. There is definitely no mistaking that you are the bride. With so much detail and attention drawn to you by the dress you really shouldn’t then over do it with your jewellery. No matter how beautiful that chunky bangle with matching three tiered necklace may be, paired together with that dress will ultimately lead you to an utter disaster. Below you can see individually amazing pieces of jewellery, but stick them together and you have one very sparkly (and expensive) mess on your hands. These pieces could look fantastic with a simple, more minimalist style of dress. It’s still best to stick to one or two items though to avoid overdoing it. With no ‘undo’ button to click on, you only have one shot at this, so don’t mess it up.

How to accessorise your wedding dress

It’s all about balance

Fonthip JewelryGetting it right is all about balance. With a full on dress it is better to go a little low key with your choices. With a dress like Aunchalee’s 1427, the heavy lace with one shoulder detail can be paired with some earrings that make a statement without being overpowering. Fonthip has these amazing lotus earrings, the bronze leaf detail adds a touch of warmth and the big fresh water pearl compliments the ivory of the lace beautifully. They’re not so small that you cannot see them but also not too big that it takes your attention from everything else. But do not be tempted to add a necklace to this dress as well! The one shoulder detail already adds a lot to the neckline, so adding a necklace will interfere with the main focus of the dress. Try a delicate bracelet on the arm with no shoulder detail instead.

On the other hand, with an understated dress with little to no detail, you will be able to pull off bolder pieces of jewellery. A soft silk chiffon strapless dress that flows with a bit of movement such as 1422 by Aunchalee can be put together with a long and thin waist-length necklace. This will stand out but still look very delicate at the same time, tying it in nicely to the style of the dress.

Wearing new and old jewellery together

Fonthip JewelryMany of you are likely to have jewellery handed down to you from older generations in your family. Linking a traditional piece with some other more modern pieces can be tricky but certainly not impossible. Take this beautiful folded ring for instance. It is a contemporary piece of art for your finger, but the intricacy of the folds can tie in with the elaborate detail often found in traditional jewellery. Just remember to wear the ring on your right hand as the left hand is reserved for another very special ring! All Fonthip’s pieces can be made in silver, bronze and gold metal, leaving you to choose which to compliment your dress and existing jewellery.

Aun Bridal Wear Thailand

Don’t think that your jewellery must be shiny or sparkly though. Add a splash of colour and culture to your look instead with a handmade Thai silk garland flower. We can have them made from the same colours to compliment your bridesmaids’ dresses, ask Misha in store to view our collection of bridesmaids and accessories.

All of Fonthip’s jewellery is individually handmade too so every piece is unique. Come into our boutique to view Fonthip’s amazing collection in person and while you’re at it try on a dress or two too!

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