How to include Chinese tradition in your wedding dress: A bride’s guide.

How to include Chinese Tradition into your wedding dressAs a Thai Chinese bride you may be looking to embrace some of that Chinese heritage that your parents or even grandparents have so fondly spoken about. Like most you want to please your relatives by incorporating some of the orient into the wedding but have no idea where to start? Where better than with one of the most significant parts – the wedding dress.

Let us begin with a bit of tradition…

There are predominantly two styles of Chinese wedding dress.

1. The Kwa is often worn in Cantonese culture originating in the south of China. It is a two-piece outfit which consists of a loose fitting long sleeved heavily embroidered jacket with a full length skirt. It is tradition for the bride to wear her pyjamas underneath in preparation for the wedding night.

Aunchalee had a beautiful gold and silver embroidered Kwa that was passed down to her from her Aunt to wear for the traditional tea ceremony. The embroidery features the phoenix which represents the woman, and the dragon which represents the man. They are sewn at the front of the jacket side by side symbolising the perfect balance of Ying and Yang.

2. The Qipao is a one piece slender shaped dress which has usually either short sleeves or is sleeveless. Over time it has evolved to become more fitted to suit the modern Chinese bride as it is deemed more fashionable but still ties in with tradition. This style is most easily recognised worldwide by its distinctive mandarin collar and is the style of choice by many Thai Chinese brides.

Red Qipao DressPictured is a relative with her intricately gold detailed Qipao in a vivid red.

Both these outfits (also referred to as costumes) are predominantly worn in red and gold colours as it signifies luck. The vibrant and bold colours are also chosen as it is believed to ward off evil spirits from the newlyweds.

Still want that white wedding dress? Of course you can! BUT bear in mind that the colour white in Chinese culture signifies death and is normally worn for funerals. We will help you opt for an ivory, champagne or blush tone dress to avoid this faux pas! You can pretty much choose any colour to suit your personal taste – we are able to source a suitable fabric for you.

Made to measure – made for you.

Our made to measure service will allow you to bring your own character into the creation of your dress.

Contemporary take on Qipao

For a contemporary take on the Qipao, we worked with Khun Ling to achieve this stunning bespoke dress.The traditional mandarin collar was incorporated into this sophisticated lace dress. Her unique twist was to have an interchangeable skirt that she could change into. The separate A-line tea length satin skirt matched the fun and quirky side of her personality.

A little Chinese tradition goes a long way.

So you find this a little too much tradition? Or you have a chunky neck, and you dread that this ever so elegant collar is going to choke you in an untimely fashion when you say your vows. Fear not!

Scrap the idea of the higher neckline and just take the aspects you want through to the final design.

Khun Bow wanted something quite contemporary with a very subtle hint of tradition. Only the traditional button opening featured in this blush silk organza dress with the fine lace positioned exactly where she wanted.
This generated a truly unique dress that was exclusive to her.

Ultimately if you haven’t the time or the budget for a bespoke dress, there are still plenty of other options.

Contact us to view in store styles such as 7122 and 7117 by French designer Jade. We can change the colour or even the lace type to suit your taste but at the same time have that slight hint of tradition that will keep you out of trouble with the elders!

Take the option that will be your perfect combo for that East meets West style.


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