How to style your bridesmaids: Being creative with your wedding

Now that you’ve decided to take on the western tradition of having bridesmaids, it’s time to work out what to put them in. As the bride, it is your choice how to dress your bridesmaids and it does not need to be as stressful as some make it. Like much of your wedding, there are no rules to follow. What you choose should be a reflection of your personality and style. The following guide is for you to get some ideas to get you started.

Style comes first

It is best to pick out the dress style(s) before going for colour. A great dress will generally look good in most colours whereas an unflattering dress in a nice colour will still just be an unflattering dress.

Some brides like to have a consistent flow to their wedding where all colours, fabrics and styles are identical for all party members. This can give an overall polished look where clearly a lot of effort has been put into making everyone match. If all your bridesmaids are of the same build then this look can be achieved with little effort. Find a dress that one of your bridesmaids looks good in and it’s a given that the others will look equally as stunning. However if your bridesmaids are of differing shapes and heights this may be a little trickier to pull off. It can be quite challenging finding one dress style that will suit a range of sizes, although not impossible.

May BridesmaidsPaying attention to the fabrics that you pick is essential. A chiffon dress can emphasise a fantastic figure as well as hide a multitude of sins if you need a little extra flattering. Compare this with the choice of an ill fitted satin dress on a rounded figure which can possibly show more than you care to reveal and you will understand why fabric is so significant.

The same applies to the shape of a dress. Take a look at our guide to which style will suit your shape. Although this guide was written specifically for brides looking for their wedding dress, the information can still be applied to your bridesmaids as well.

With different shaped bridesmaids you may be better off putting them in different styles of dresses so that they each have a dress that suits them. This should make your bridesmaids feel more at ease as they don’t have to wear a dress that potentially doesn’t look good on them. Just because they are in different styles of dresses doesn’t mean it will detract away from the fact that they are your bridesmaids. You can coordinate them so that they have similar styles instead of identical ones by choosing the same length of dress, fabric and colour.

Our beautiful bride, Khun May is pictured with her bridesmaids. She chose to go with our made to measure service where we made these cute pink tulle skirts. Khun May chose to pair these skirts with ivory coloured tops. Each top is unique to each bridesmaid, giving each one their own distinct look whilst still matching the others in the group as well as complimenting the bride.

The Dessy Group have a fantastic range of dresses in their Alfred Sung collection that have a similar take on the idea above. Take the following picture as an example. The basic shape of the dress is the same with a 50’s a-line skirt and wide waistband. The difference comes with the various necklines that you can opt for. Therefore one bridesmaid can wear a strapless dress whilst another, who doesn’t want so much skin showing, can choose a high scooped neckline. This means each of your bridesmaids can show off part of their own personality but still look the part for your wedding.

Colouring your wedding

Colour can be used in so many ways that it’s hard to know where to begin.

Bridesmaid Dress ColorsHaving everyone is the same colour is the most traditional choice, not to mention the easiest and simplest one. But it is now becoming more popular for people to experiment with the use of colour in their weddings.

Brides who want their maid of honour to stand out can not only put them in a different style of dress but also a different colour. When doing this, try to use complimenting shades so they still tone in with the overall look of the wedding. Here you can see this bride has chosen to keep all her bridesmaids in the same style of dress but simply changed the colour of the dress for her maid of honour. The teal colour makes her stand out just a little more and visually distinguishes her role within the wedding as slightly more important than the others.

If you have a lot of bridesmaids, putting them all in the same colour (especially a bold one) can be somewhat overwhelming. Break it up so it doesn’t look like you have a huge block of one single colour. This bride has arranged her bridesmaids in different tones of green in her ethereal forest wedding. Even with all the greenery in the background the use of green doesn’t look too overpowering.


Countless combinations

Bridesmaid Color ShadesThere are so many combinations to choose from in terms of colour and style that you could be working them out for a long while. Figure out which suits the theme of your wedding best by imagining how your pictures will turn out. After all it’s you that will be looking at them more than anyone else. If you are not keen on the whole dress being a completely different colour but still want the maid of honour to stand out try having them all in the same colour but style your maid of honour in a different dress. Alternatively have them all in the same dresses and colours but differentiate the maid of honour by giving her a different colour waisted sash or flower feature.

Want to be a little more adventurous? Try combining different fabrics such as charmeuse, print chiffon and crinkle chiffon to give a less structured feel to the wedding but at the same time keep to the same colour groups so that you don’t lose the connection between them. This allows the bridesmaids an even bigger variety of dresses to choose from to suit their figures and as a bonus it makes it easier for them to wear the dress again. No point in having a dress that you can only wear once right?

Hopefully this guide has got you thinking about your options. Come visit us in store to see these different combinations in person and have a fun day out with the girls trying on dresses.      





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