Mermaid Style Wedding Dress: Is This The Style For You?

Mermaid Style Wedding DressThe mermaid style wedding dress, otherwise known as the fishtail or trumpet skirt, is best known for its figure hugging shape. It is usually associated with glitz and glamour, worthy only of a place on a Hollywood red carpet. So, is this style something you can wear for your wedding? Read on to see if it is.

Why is it called the mermaid style?

The name simply comes from the shape of the skirt and has no relevance to the top half of the dress at all. It usually fits close around the hips and tapers into the knee before kicking out the bottom half of the skirt. Joyce is seen here with a simple duchesse satin mermaid skirt but paired with a striking lace, sheer back detail which grasped every guest’s attention as soon as she walked in the room.

The tighter it narrows into the knee, the more glamorous it usually looks as the difference in width between the knee and the bottom of the skirt produces a much more dramatic effect. This looks particularly striking if you have quite a long set of legs.

Belle looks amazingly alluring as she walks down the aisle in her choice of dress. She has opted for a fitted dress in taffeta which is finished off with lace capped sleeves and a bow to complete the look.

Is the mermaid style only for tall brides?Is the mermaid style wedding dress only for tall brides?

If you are petite with slightly more stumpy legs, then it is best to avoid the extremely tapered look. The reason why it doesn’t look so good is because the narrowing by the knees makes it look like the top of your legs are close to that point. Therefore the distance between the narrowest part and the floor is very short and thus makes your legs appear even shorter than they actually are.

However, this is not to say that you should avoid the mermaid style completely. You can play the mermaid style to your advantage very easily. Simply move the narrowest part of the skirt upwards so that is around about mid thigh level as opposed to all the way down by the knee. This will now produce an illusion that makes your legs look elongated. Choose a dress where the slimmest part of the skirt is positioned at the most flattering point for you. Easiest way to do that is to have a bespoke dress made so you know for certain you will have the perfect fit.

One thing to bear in mind – never ever let the narrowest part of the skirt fall below your knee. Doing this will be the perfect way to give you an ungraceful penguin walk!

Mermaid Wedding DressGift saw our in-house designer Yannick to have her dress exclusively designed just for her. The strapless dress has been created in a duchess satin to really emphasise her figure. From the back the dress is fitted around her hips, which shows off her amazing profile. From the front the contemporary, delicate draping softens the look, almost into a slender A-line, which gives it more of a flowing look.

Aunchalee Boutique Thai Wedding DressThe mermaid style can be created to have a modern look like Gift’s dress, or it can be designed to have a classic and timeless appearance like Pap’s. She has a simple and chic mermaid shaped dress finished off with an eye-catching bright red waisted sash to make it unique to her.

We can’t wait to show off all of our mermaid styled dresses! Please pay us a visit to see all the possible options and start trying your potential dress now! 



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