‘What Style Of Wedding Dress Will Suit My Body Shape?’ A How To Guide.

Let’s face it. We all come in different shapes and sizes and sometimes just choosing normal everyday clothes can be an absolute nightmare, let alone finding THE wedding dress! Eeek!

Are you putting off looking for a dress because you dread nothing will fit or suit your shape? Well fear not. Read on to see which shapes your body matches and discover what is best for you. 

Choosing the right style of wedding dress for your body shape

The Bootylicious Babe

The general consensus is that if you’re pear shaped you need to avoid the tight fitting styles around the hips as all it will do is emphasise just how round you are in that area. Considering the majority of the wedding ceremony is held with your backside facing everyone it’s probably not what you want them to be staring at. An A-line dress such as 7119 by Jade will do wonders to flatter you by drawing attention away from your bottom half as the skirt will gently skim over the offending area.

The Beanpole 

Often, first thoughts are that a curvy fishtail or mermaid style dress will do the job. But if your bottom actually resembles something more along the lines of an IKEA flat pack then you might want to reconsider. To wear a fishtail dress you actually need a bit of shape to begin with to pull it off. Otherwise that part of the dress that shows your derriere will look like an empty sack. An A-line is not just good for hiding hips but can also do wonders creating a bit more shape. That hour glass shape that you’ve never grown into is still possible! This style of dress will cinch into that minuscule waist that you have and kick out into a flowing skirt; giving the impression of some hips. Try 1423 by Aunchalee where the sweetheart neckline can also give the illusion of a bit more shape in the bust area (there’s no harm in adding a little extra padding too – no one will notice!)

The Shorty

If you’re already classed as a beanpole but also not particular tall, then an A-line with a high waistline will do the job for you. This shape, particularly with a tulle skirt, will create volume to the hips as it softens the silhouette as well as simultaneously lengthening the legs by increasing the distance between the waist and the hem of the dress by a few inches. Jillian’s 94810 will give you extra shape and the illusion of legs that go on forever.


The Meaty Armpits

Do you suffer from that little bulge of fat that spills over the top of your clothes when it cuts in too low under your armpit? This is in fact a very common occurrence, even in those of you that have no meat anywhere else on your body. You can detract away from this without necessarily having to cover up completely with Pnina Tornai’s 402. The pixie-ear neckline points up to hide the offending overhang by the armpits but meets at a deep centre to avoid cutting up too high and shortening the body.


The Boney Bust

Some of you may be in need of a boost in the bust area and if no amount of padding or structure will give you a big enough lift to hide your protruding sternum then opt for concealment instead.  A lace appliquéd V-neck or boat neckline like 1429 by Aunchalee will delicately cover up and camouflage a flat chest.



The Spare Tyre

Carrying a little extra weight around your midriff doesn’t mean you have to go for a loose fitting dress to disguise the tummy. Going for the complete opposite with a super structured corseted dress will do so much more for you. It will literally suck your belly in and you will be stunned by how immediate the inch loss is. After this you will wonder why all your clothes aren’t corseted. Jillian’s 94817 will provide you with the silhouette you have always wanted.


The Swimmer’s Shoulders 

Does it seem like your shoulder’s span out for miles? You may need something to break up the distance between them so I’m afraid a strapless dress is probably best avoided. A pair of straps will take the attention away from those broad shoulders but if you don’t want full on straps then how about a compromise? A one shoulder style like Aunchalee’s 1414 will give you a bit of coverage but still have that modern chic look.


The Hourglass

So you’ve got the perfect body shape – there will be little that won’t suit you. Lucky you! You pretty much have free reign over whatever it is your heart desires. But sometimes having more choice isn’t the best option as you have more dresses to eliminate!

How about making use of that stunning figure of yours and flaunt it in a figure hugging dress like 4148 by Pnina Tornai that will show all your best bits.



Dress up time!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to put this all into practice. Book an appointment with us to start trying the styles that will suit you. Now that you have an idea what style will suit your shape we can pay attention to all the finer details to suit your personality too. Most of you will find that you fall into more than one category which is completely normal. We’ll be on hand in your appointment to find the perfect combination of dress for you.


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