28 March 2024

&YOU Seashells & Serendipity – Eleanor’s Beachside Love Story | Aunchalee Boutique

Bridal & Beach Theme Wedding

At the heaart of every love story lies a connection, a bond that transcends time and space. For Eleanor, her journey with our bridal boutique began with a serendipitous encounter—one that would forever intertwine her love for the sea with the magic of her wedding day.

As Eleanor explored our tailormade lace collection, her eyes were drawn to a piece of embroidered seashell theme lace, delicately draped on a mannequin. It was as if the lace had been waiting for her, patiently biding its time until the perfect bride claimed it as her own. Her response encapsulated her deep affinity for the ocean and the significance of the seashell motif in relation to her wedding day:

“I love the sea, I am covered in sea-themed tattoos…and we got married on a beach so the seashell really fit in my mind with the day.”

Only Wedding Gown you will ever need

Choosing an intimate destination wedding by the beach, Eleanor envisioned herself in a gown that echoed the rhythm of the waves. Opting for a chiffon dress adorned with seashells strategically placed across the bodice, she radiated elegance and grace as she walked down the beach.

The journey of the wedding dress continued far beyond the wedding day. We, at Aunchalee Boutique, worked closely with Eleanor to repurpose her gown into separates—a top and skirt—reusing her wedding dress and seamlessly incorporating it into her everyday life. As Eleanor embarks on this new chapter, she carries with her the memories of her beachside celebration, forever intertwined with the timeless beauty of the sea.

Thank you Eleanor for giving us the opportunity to help create your dream wedding dress!

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