29 May 2023

Debunking the stigma behind Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun weddings have long been associated with societal stigma that is often associated with lack of preparation, being seen as rushed, forced or doomed from the start. Today, in this very blog, I will attempt to challenge this stigma and shed light on why I think this is a myth.

Love is in the air:

In my opinion, I feel that love is the foundation of every successful marriage. A couple’s challenge when infused with an immense love and devotion for one another typically shows that their commitment is rooted in genuine affection rather than obligation.

Commitment is a choice:

Contrary to many beliefs, a lot of couples I know commit to a shotgun wedding willingly. It isn’t always the result of external pressures, but rather their own decision to embrace the circumstance and commit to a life together.

Overcoming Challenges:

Shotgun weddings typically come with a lot of challenges due to a lack of preparation such as not being able to find a venue or financial constraints. All of the challenges the couples face together will enable them to work on their communication skills, support system and resilience. As they overcome these challenges together, they will emerge much stronger and much more determined to create a successful marriage together. 

Lasting Marriage:

The notion that a shotgun marriage doesn’t last is untrue in my opinion. Many shotgun couples go on to build very successful and fulfilling marriages and at the same time, many ‘planned marriages’ end up in divorces.  A lasting marriage isn’t determined by the circumstances behind how a marriage is started, but more so the amount of commitment, dedication and effort each person puts into the relationship.

Whether it is a shotgun wedding or a ‘planned wedding’, every wedding has its unique story, and I think it is important as outsiders to embrace and respect the individuality of each couple’s journey rather than assuming a one-size-fits all narrative. 

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