14 June 2023

Elegance Redefined: The Amsale Church Wedding Dress Worn by Pam

On Khun Pam’s special day, she decided to wear Amsale’s Phillipa church wedding dress to walk down the aisle. This captivating trumpet crepe gown is a true masterpiece, showcasing Amsale’s expertise in modern design and innovative seam work.

To achieve a more sculpted silhouette, the knee area of the gown was expertly cinched in without compromising comfort. This thoughtful touch accentuated Khun Pam’s natural curves, allowing her to move with grace and ease.

Bride walking in Amsale Phillipa by Aunchalee Boutique Bangkok
Credit : Credit: Image provided to us by Khun Pam
Bride posing with her husband in Amsale Phillipa by Aunchalee Boutique Bangkok
Credit: Image provided to us by Khun Pam

Now, let’s talk about the detachable cowl neck, an exquisite feature that elevates this dress to new heights of versatility. While the cowl neck is traditionally found at the front as a neckline, Khun Pam decided to take a daring approach. By placing it at the back, a mesmerizing and unexpected twist was created, exuding elegance and uniqueness.

The loose fabric of the detachable cowl neck effortlessly transforms into a graceful drape. This detachable feature allowed Khun Pam to effortlessly transition between two distinct looks – one for the solemn Church wedding in Bangkok and another for the joyous after-party.

Bride walking with her husband in Amsale Phillipa by Aunchalee Boutique Bangkok
Credit: Image provided to us by Khun Pam
Amsale Phillipa with a detachable cowl neck by Aunchalee Boutique Bangkok
Credit: Image provided to us by Khun Pam

The Amsale dress worn by Khun Pam is a testament to the brand’s artistry and craftsmanship. Its trumpet crepe design, modern seams, and detachable cowl neck offer a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and versatility. This gown truly redefines elegance, capturing the essence of Khun Pam’s  individuality and making her shine on her special day.

Thank you Khun Pam for choosing Aunchalee Boutique and allowing us to share your fairy tale story!

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