22 May 2023

Introducing Khun Mon in a Pnina Tornai Wedding Dress: A Love Story Copy

For Khun Mon, it was love at first sight when she laid her eyes on the exquisite gown by Pnina Tornai. It wasn’t just about the appearance; it was the perfect fit she had been searching for.

The Pnina Tornai ballgown fulfilled Khun Mon’s desires, with its elegant corset that provided a snug and secure feeling. She wanted to make a statement, to be extravagant, and this gown checked all the boxes with its voluminous skirt and crystal-beaded bodice.

Pnina Tornai 14757 ballgown by Aunchalee Boutique
Credit: Image provided to us by Khun Mon
Pnina Tornai 14757 by Aunchalee Boutique
Credit: Image provided to us by Khun Mon

The intricate crystal embellishments on the bodice effortlessly caught the spotlight in the ballroom, while the delicate butterfly-shaped crystals on the lace added a touch of whimsy to Khun Mon’s ensemble. As she gracefully walked down the aisle, the tulle ball gown skirt created a dreamy effect, swaying with each step as if she were floating on clouds.

Khun Mon had found her perfect match in the Pnina Tornai gown, capturing the essence of her wedding day dreams in one stunning creation.

Thank you Khun Mon for putting your trust in Pnina Tornai and us.

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