27 June 2023

Rain or Shine: Wedding Planning in the Rainy Season

Planning a wedding is an exciting and joyous endeavor, but when it coincides with the rainy season, it can bring its own set of challenges. However, with proper preparation and a positive mindset, you can ensure that your special day goes smoothly, rain or shine. Here are a few factors you should consider when planning your wedding in Thailand during the rainy season.

Check the weather:

Use apps like Accuweather or if you are in Thailand, the Thai Meteorological Department website to check the weather 48 hours before your wedding. Weather forecasts are less accurate the further out you check it.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to select a suitable venue that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces. This flexibility allows you to adapt to changing weather conditions seamlessly. Consider venues with beautiful indoor areas for the ceremony and reception, along with covered outdoor spaces for photo opportunities.

Another important factor that many couples overlook would be the parking. Make sure the venue has enough parking for your guests as well as not being prone to flooding. An issue that many residing in Thailand would understand 😉

A few places that come to mind in Bangkok would be Four Seasons Bangkok, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Botanical House Bangkok, and Aube.

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Discuss with your Wedding Planner:

Next, make sure to have a backup plan in place. Renting tents or marquees can provide shelter if rain becomes a possibility. Ensure that you have proper flooring or walkways to keep your guests comfortable and prevent any muddy mishaps.

Communicate with your vendors about the potential for inclement weather. Discuss contingency plans and ensure they are prepared to adapt to any situation. It’s essential to hire vendors with experience in handling weddings during the rainy season.

Embrace the rain

Lastly, embrace the rain and turn it into a memorable part of your wedding. Provide your guests with umbrellas or rain ponchos as favors, and consider incorporating rain-themed decorations into your wedding aesthetic. A little rain can add a touch of romance and uniqueness to your special day.

Wedding Dress

Don’t fret about getting your wedding dress dirty during the rainy season. With the option of dry cleaning, you can (and should definitely shift your focus entirely to enjoying your special day. However, if you are renting the wedding dress (a norm in many cultures), please discuss with the shop you are renting from beforehand on what can be done and cannot be done when you rent the wedding dress to avoid hefty penalties!

While planning a wedding the rainy season may present its challenges, with careful planning and a positive attitude, you can create a magical and unforgettable celebration 😊

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