17 August 2023

&You A Modern Chic Affair: Emily’s Asian-Inspired Wedding Dress

When Emily envisioned her wedding day, she knew she wanted a wedding dress that echoed her modern style while paying homage to her time spent in Asia. The result? A breathtaking gown that seamlessly merged contemporary elegance with cultural symbolism.

Nestled by the bay on a radiant summer day, Emily’s wedding needed a dress that embodied both sophistication and fluidity. Her choice? An ivory crepe dress adorned with intricate details that fluttered like a gentle breeze.

Credit : @heatherryan
Credit : @heatherryan

The centerpiece of Emily’s ensemble was a detachable ivory silk chiffon cape that flowed behind her as she walked down the aisle. The dress itself was a stunning sheath silhouette with drapery inspired by the sunrise, embodying the promise of a new beginning. The kimono-inspired sleeves added a delicate touch, capturing the grace and flow of the Japanese culture.

The top of Emily’s sleeves featured an elegant overlap reminiscent of the Thai lotus flower, symbolizing purity and rebirth. Adding a touch of “something blue,” an ornamental blue Chinese pankou button was delicately embroidered, infusing her attire with cultural significance and a pop of color.

Credit : @heatherryan

Emily’s wedding dress became a canvas of her past experiences, a fusion of her contemporary taste and the rich symbolism of her time in Asia. It wasn’t just a wedding dress; it was a story of love, journeys, and the promise of a shared future. As she walked towards her partner, the dress billowed like the wind, a perfect reflection of the love that filled the air that day.

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