15 May 2023

&You Tea Ceremony Dress by Aunchalee Boutique featuring Khun Pam

Hey Brides to be!

I hope you all had a long and restful Songkran! Today, I would like to share with you my journey with Khun Pam and how we ended up creating the dreamy looking minimalist sheath dress. 

Khun Pam walked into our boutique looking for a Tea Ceremony dress for use during her wedding day. For readers who are not familiar with what a Tea Ceremony is, it is a Chinese tradition where the family of the bride and groom comes together to show their respect to the elders and for the elders to also bless the newly wedded couple. The ceremony is normally done separately on both sides of the family.

Example 1:

Our in-house designer helped sketch out a rough design of the Tea Ceremony dress for Khun Pam.

One of the biggest challenges I faced when designing the Tea Ceremony dress was finding the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. Khun Pam’s dress was no exception and after a few sessions of brainstorming, we concluded on a crepe sheath gown with a detachable tulle bolero.

Credit: Image provided to us by Khun Pam
Credit: Image provided to us by Khun Pam

To soften the overall look, we added drapes on the bolero to give off a natural ombre appearance and gave it a long flowy train to give it a bridal look. We ended up creating an off-shoulder bolero neckline with a dreamy finish to compliment Khun Pam’s gentle and loving personality.

Once again, I would like to give a big shout out to Khun Pam for allowing me to share this wonderful journey as a reference for future brides!

With lots of love,


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